We Traveled to the Andes Mountains for the perfect cup!

Going on a journey to the heart of the Andes Mountains for the perfect cup. After traveling over 2,400 miles to Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia we had a 4 hour drive through the beautiful mountains and winding roads to find Carolina Posada's coffee plantation. Upon arrival we explored and got to learn about the story of Mina Rica Coffee. We were taken on an extensive tour of the steep coffee producing mountain sides where we got to meet the people that pick the coffee cherries. It was incredible to see them scaling the damp mountain side with ease. All the while I was crawling on all fours trying to keep up with them. Then we toured the Mill where the coffee cherries are separated from the coffee seed and the exterior cascara fruit shell. Mina Rica is a young female-owned coffee producer and we were honored to be invited to their homeland and farm.
Turks Head Coffee Roasters on the Coffee Plantation in Jardin, ColombiaFresh coffee cherries ready to be picked.Coffee Cherries in Jardin Colombia
Turks Head Coffee In ColombiaWe got to meet some of the plantation staff and the hands that pick our coffee.
Coffee Cherry farm staff bringing cherries for depulping.
Coffee Plantation cherry pickerFarm had and cherry picker In Colombia


Jeremiah Kane in Colombia at the coffee farm
One of the de-pulping drums which separates the actual coffee seed from the cascara fruit or coffee cherry.
depulping drum
Coffee Spreader
Freshly picked Coffee CherriesFreshly picked coffee cherriesMichael Lamont on the coffee plantation.The coffee processing plantation in Jardin, Colombia.
Mike and Jerry on the Mountian

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